About Our Curricula

In order to ensure our students receive a rigorous education, our curricula are developed using the "Understanding By Design" framework. This framework helps enhance student learning and facilitates instruction by starting with the end result in mind. Below you will find information on the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

K-5 Curricula

Students In Grades K-5

During their time in our elementary program, students will experience steady successes as they strive to meet the challenges put before them. Courses at this level offer students a wide array of topics to help them grow and discover interests. Check out the curricula for K-5 courses by clicking the button nearby.

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6-8 Curricula

Students In Grades 6-8

Middle school is an important period of growth for students as they prepare for secondary school. Courses at the middle school level are able to offer deeper explorations of content and skills than those experienced in the primary grades.

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9-12 Curricula

Students In Grades 9-12

High school courses seek to refine and strengthen key academic and life skills initially developed in primary and middle school. After completing their course work at Long Branch High School, our students are ready for their next step whether in college or career.

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